Robin Haugh, center left, displays her award alongside her family, who surprised her after the ceremony. Photo contributed by Robin Haugh.

Hillsboro Resident Awarded Teacher Of The Year

Hillsboro resident Robin Haugh’s interest in healthcare has been a life-long one. Haugh has worked in the field since high school, starting out as an emergency medical technician (EMT) and going on to graduate and work as a medical assistant (MA) in 1986. Early on in her career, Haugh had expressed that she had no desire to become a nurse, wanting instead to work as a paramedic. However, at the time, Haugh would have to travel to Iowa in order to take the required classes to become a paramedic.

In 2003, Haugh attended a nurse pinning ceremony in which the daughter of a friend would be receiving her own pin and entering into the nursing field. Haugh found the experience to be so moving that she decided to embark on the process of becoming a nurse herself.

Haugh earned her two-year Associate’s Degree in nursing from Western Technical College, going on to complete her Bachelor’s program at Viterbo. At the time in which she entered the program, Haugh was part of the last cohort for the nurse educator track. She then decided to remain at the university to take on her Master’s program, and is currently working to complete her Doctorate, which she expects to finish in December of this year.

While working to further her education, Haugh has been working at Viterbo since 2016 as a professor, a job which she greatly enjoys. Her decision to remain affiliated with the university comes from her wealth of positive experiences with the campus, which she describes as “compassionate” and “kind.”

“Not everyone can say they get up every morning and love going to their job,” says Haugh, “but I can. I feel like I’m blessed, being here.”

On Thursday, May 6, Haugh’s love for her work and dedication to her students resulted in her being named as the 2021 Teacher of the Year. Friends, family, and colleagues made sure to keep the award a total secret from Haugh, with one colleague asking her to attend to accept an award on behalf of the nursing school.

Originally, Haugh had no plans to even attend the ceremony, as Thursdays were not usually days on which she made the trip to campus from her home here in Hillsboro. However, after agreeing to accept an award that night on behalf of the nursing school, and with plans to meet with her daughter in order to pick up an item, Haugh went to the ceremony—only to be surprised to find that award in question was for her!

Teachers at Viterbo are nominated for the award by their students, and Haugh’s students all had plenty to say about why they thought she had certainly earned the designation, describing her as an “amazing professor” and a “positive role model.” Students praised her teaching methods and her dedication to helping her students learn and succeed. 

As it turns out, this is not the first year that Haugh’s students have nominated her for the award. For the past three years, Haugh’s students have nominated her in order to give their teacher some recognition for all she’s done to help them in their education. Haugh has even been nominated for an Advisor of the Year award.

Haugh plans to remain at Viterbo and to continue teaching after completing her doctorate in Ethical Leadership.

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