Election Day for the Spring 2021 General Election took place on Tuesday, April 6. Hillsboro residents were able to vote in-person at the Hillsboro City Hall, checking in with poll workers Dave and Debbi Popp. Photo taken by Nicolette Nauman, HSE Editor.

Local Municipalities Announce Spring Election Results

Tuesday’s Spring Election saw several local elections take place, alongside with an election for State Superintendent.

In the statewide race, Jill Underly achieved victory over Deborah Kerr. Underly won 2,853 votes to Kerr’s 1,779 in Vernon County and 1,725 to 1,529 in Juneau County. Voters in the Town of Hillsboro preferred Kerr 62 to 51, though voters in the Townships of Greenwood, Stark, and Union all saw increased turnout for Underly. The Village of La Farge and the City of Hillsboro also saw higher turnout for Underly than for Kerr. In Juneau County, the Village of Union Center saw higher turnout for Kerr 18 to 15, though Plymouth and Wonewoc Townships, as well as the Village of Wonewoc and the City of Elroy, saw higher turnouts for Underly.

The Town of Union elected Elgin Fanta as Town Chairman with 67 votes. Paige M Huber and Kris Janecek took the two supervisor positions with 67 and 69 votes respectively. Fay Urban won Town Clerk with 71 votes and Gladys Janceck received 70 votes for the position of Town Treasurer.

The Greenwood Township saw two contested races in the general election: for town chairman and for two open supervisor positions. In the race for Chairman, Jim Mlsna won the vote with 117 to challenger Shawn Redington’s 37. Jim Fuchs and Kristopher Clark came out ahead in the supervisor race, winning 111 votes and 96 votes respectively to Todd Wright’s 48 and Allen Stanek’s 40. Town Clerk Mary Stanek and Town Treasurer June Hooker both ran unopposed and were elected to their respective offices with 144 and 145 votes respectively.

The Village of Wonewoc elected Don Hubele as their new Village President after Hubele ran uncontested in the general election, garnering 54 votes. In the race for Village Trustee, Scott Jennings received 58 votes, Nick Baldwin received 52 votes, and Ridge Revels received 48 votes.

Wonewoc Township elected Terry Hastings to the position of Town Board Chairperson with 96 votes. In the race for Town Board Supervisor, Chad T. Rick received 91 votes and Evan Roloff received 83 votes. Kathy Retzlaff and Diane Kelley both ran unopposed for their respective offices. Retzlaff received 103 votes for Town Clerk and Kelley received 101 votes for Town Treasurer.

In the Village of Union Center, Alan Scott ran unopposed for the position of Village President, winning 32 votes. In the race for Village Trustee, Brenda Madden and Jonathan Baker tied with 29 votes apiece.

All three area school districts had seats up for grabs on their respective school boards. In Hillsboro, Josiah Woirol will be replacing Jenni Schrock while Jason Oetzman and Denise Huntley will be retaining their seats. In Wonewoc-Center, Cory Wohlrab received 183 votes, Nancy Dieck received 176, and Melanie Benson received 178 votes. In the Royall School District, Raye Walz received 62 votes with Doug Waterman receiving 288, Kristine Howe receiving 141, and Marie A Vitcenda receiving 345.

Those elected to office in the general election will be assuming their roles later in the month.

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